At Sunsweet, our favorite feel good holiday activity is cooking for loved ones. That’s why we’ve launched the Holiday Dish Sweepstakes. Share your favorite cooking tip with us for a chance to win!


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Do you add white wine to soup broth? Sneak lemon juice into pie crust? Enrich cupcakes with Amaz!n Prunes? Share your best cooking tip below for a chance to win!

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From the Sunsweet Kitchen

Try a few of our favorite holiday dishes and tips!

  • Making purée with Amaz!n Prunes is a delicious way to lower the added sugar of a treat like this Mocha Mousse.

  • Add in diced Amaz!n Prunes to help keep bread moist, like in this Chocolate Banana Bread recipe!

  • Amaz!n Prunes are an easy way to add rich flavor (and extra nutrients) to a salad, like this Quinoa, Grape, and Prune Salad.


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